Terms & Conditions

Rental Terms & Condition

The rented vehicle is to be returned at the renting location at the specified Date & Time, unless
other pre-arrangements have been made. Late return of the vehicle, For every 30 minutes late
Radiant Curacao Car Rental will charge the renter US$ 15,00. If the vehicle is returned 3 hours after the
agreed time, one (1) day rate will be applied for the vehicle.
The car may not be transported off-island and may only be driven in Curaçao. The vehicle is rented
to be used exclusively as a means of family / passenger transportation.
Daily Rental rates are based on a 24-hour rental day starting at the time of rental.The renter will
be charged per day. If a renter wishes to rent the vehicle for a longer period than agreed upon, the
applicable rate or other rates may apply. The minimum rental period is 3 days. All rates are
inclusive all risk insurance, 9% Government tax. and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) which
covers only the car. Personal injury, including death are NOT covered.
To make a reservation just click on the car that you desire and follow the steps to fill in the
booking request. You will have the option to add some extras to your car. The booking system will
automatically calculate your total cost and will request you to fill in some personal details. If the
booking is more than 10 days you will get a discount on the car. We always get back to you within 1
business day. You can also contact us immediately by mail for your request. FLIGHT INFO IS
requested (essential in case of a flight delay).
There are NO administration charges for any booking changes or cancellations made. There is no
refund for early return of the vehicle. Minimum rental days is 3 days (Exception for cruise ship
passengers) Cars can be delivered free of charge to Curacao International Airport, Hotels, Resorts and Cruis Line.
Valid driver’s license is mandatory Min age: 25 yrs*
In case of the vehicle being used off-road. all risk insurance will be automatically declined. and
costs including but not limited to damage, towing are for your account. Driving in the Christoffel
Park is at your own risk.
The insurance will NOT cover if,
*Any damage incurred in the park or sandy and / unpaved roads.
*If the renter fails to remove the keys, or close all windows and lock all doors and trunk.
*The driver was under influence of alcohol or drugs or any other circumstances.
All our cars are provided with a spare tire and necessary tools.
Only the renter and the authorised “additional driver”, which are mentioned and specified on the
rental agreement, are authorised to drive the car. Additional driver is FREE of Charge. (Only 1
additional driver is allowed per car or bus). In case of any accident and the driver is not mentioned
as the renter or “additional driver” on the contract, the CDW and All risk insurance protections is
voided, and you are responsible for full value of any damage. (primary driver).
If an accident has been caused due to a traffic violation, i.e. driving faster then the law permits,
driving through a red traffic light, the renter was under influence of alcohol or violating any other traffic law of Curacao. the CDW insurance
will be automatically declined and you will be responsible for all the costs of the damage caused to
the rental car. The renter is responsible for all cost involved in traffic violations and parking fees. The CDW covers only the car. Personal injury, including death are NOT covered.
Please do not to leave any valuables in the car. If circumstances do not allow you to take your
valuable with you we advice to store them in the car’s trunk. Radiant Curacao Car Rental can not be held
responsible for any loss and/or theft of valuables from the rented car. If the renter fails to take any valuables and leave them in the car the CDW and All Risk Insurance will be automatically declined. And the renter is full responsible of any cost. (such accessories will result in a replacement cost chargeable to the customer based on the current replacement cost of the item.)

Radiant Curacao Car Rental vehicles are alarm equipped. The Alarm remote is NOT waterproof and if
lost or damage the renter will be charged:
1. For a new remote. ($50,-)
2. Car keys replacement cost: ($290,-) if lost.
3. GPS replacement or Lost cost: ($395,-) if lost.

All vehicles are delivered clean & Full fuel tanked. The vehicle must be brought back to Radiant
Curacao Car Rental full tanked. Fuel tank must be return at the same level otherwise Radiant Curacao Car Rental
will charges US$10.00 for each ¼ fuel tank.
In case of joyriding/theft:
*Notify the police department, Telephone 911

In case if an accident:
* IMPORTANT* DO NOT MOVE THE CAR until Forensys Curacao has arrived, Telephone 199. (The only person
authorised to move the car before the arrival of Forensys Curacao is the police.)

*You have to notify Radiant Rent A Bus in case of joyriding, theft and accidents. A damage report
has to be presented. In the case that you can not provide us such a report your right of the CDW
insurance will be declined and you will be responsible for all damages caused to our rental car.

The renter agrees that he/she (Driver & Additional driver) is the only person driving the vehicle.
If it appears that a non authorised person is driving the vehicle, Radiant  Curacao  Car Rental  will confiscate
the vehicle immediately.

Thank You For Choosing Radiant Curaçao Car Rental.
Enjoy Your Stay In Curaçao.

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